"The FlannyBags are awesome! They are very tightly crafted.
I juggled them with the fergie bags and virtually couldn't
tell the difference.  These are very well shaped, easy to catch
and no noticeable corners."
	Steve Mills, Ohio
	"The Dazzling Mills Family"
	Creator of the Mills Mess
	1975, 1976, 1978 IJA metalist
"The beanbags produced by The BagLady are top quality! They
are better than any other beanbag I've juggled!  The feel is
great, the sewing is perfect, the bags are round.  The
material is super sturdy so you know they'll stand up to a
lot of juggling and drops."
	Nathan Dorrell, Georgia
	"The Crazy Tie Guy"
	World Record Holder, The Juggling World Record Book
	1999 IJA 1st Plase duo balls, duo balls bouncing
	President, CJA
"I have a set of the 4-panel ultraleather and a
set of the 4-panel ultrasuede and have used the
6-panel ultraleathers.  These are the best beanbags
since the fergie bags! A great replacement for the
	Michael Karas, Pennsylvania
	Feature Juggle Magazine Jan/Feb 2006
	2005 3 ball 1st place champion, IJA
	2005 Jazz and Juggle 1st place champion
"It looks tremendous!  The closest to a Fergie I have
ever seen.  The stitching is remarkable, especially
the last hand sewn seam. . . . Great Bag! I definitely
recommend Them."
	Scott Brady, Illinois
	(equipment director for Jonathan Brady,
	IJA Juniors Champion, 2003)
"These beanbags are awesome!  Thank you!"
	"Masako", Japan
"Your beanbags are Excellent!"
	Al Conti, Ohio
	"Mathmatical Juggling"




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