The "FlannyBags" are 6-panel 1-toned or 2-toned BeanBags lovingly handcrafted and filled with millet. They are crafted from Ultraleather or Ultrasuede. The Ultraleather BeanBags, come in white, black, or light brown, standardly.  Currently we are also able to make other colors such as red, blue, forest green, or egg-plant purple.  Ultrasuede BeanBags come in over 20 different colors (call for details).  All FlannyBags come in the following sizes:

2"64 grams72 grams$ 8.00
2.25"80 grams96 grams$ 8.50
2.5"94 grams112 grams$ 9.00
2.75"120 grams136 grams$ 9.50
3"152 grams182 grams$10.00

Orders of 3 bags or more will receive a free drawstring bag. Shipping is additional and dependent on destination plus quantity ordered. Call for details.


Below are some pictures if you want to look at some of the FlannyBags. Click on the picture to enlarge.




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