Mom's Best ComputerBags


"Mom's Best ComputerBags are wrist support beanbags for ergonomics, lovingly handcrafted from alova suede and filled with flax seed and lavender buds. They come in assorted colors.

More people, including jugglers, are spending more time at the computer now than ever before. Maladies can often result from improper posture at the computer, including carpaltunnel syndrome and other wrist or arm afflictions. To help reduce the risk of computer related maladies, and to offer a comfortable, relaxing, ergonomic support while at the computer, try "Mom's Best ComputerBags". If needed, "Mom's Best ComputerBags" may be carefully microwaved for long lasting heat, or frozen for long lasting coolness.

Mouse$ 4.00
Set with 1 of each$14.00

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While "Mom's Best ComputerBags" may be microwaved, caution is recommended. Frequent or over microwaving and/or freezing may expedite the natural wear process. All prices are U.S., call for international pricing and shipping. accepted payment methods include money order, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. call for details. All photos of baglady products are original and copyrighted. All other photos are either original or listed as public domain when obtained. If you see any images that are not public domain and not owned by baglady please inform us at These products are not intended to treat or cure any illnesses, diseases, or physical ailments of any kind. The statements above have not been assessed by the FDA or any other governmental organization. 2006 copyright ProCIS